Section 12: Internet Utility > On-line Repair Order Entry

On-line Repair Order Entry Overview

On-line repair order entry allows for entry of new repair orders via a website or e-mail interface. This would allow employees at remote kiosks, or the end customers themselves, to enter a repair order themselves through a simplified web site without having the entire At Your Service – Repair Centre program installed. Upon submitting a repair order from the web site, a new record would automatically be added in the main At Your Service database file, and the user would receive an e-mail reply containing their assigned repair order number and optionally a formatted copy of the repair order form. Two copies of the form would then be printed by the end user — one copy to keep, and one copy to ship to the repair centre along with the item being serviced or repaired.

The on-line repair order entry is a two-step process. First, the web site automatically generates a specially formatted e-mail message that is sent to a configured electronic mailbox. Second, the Internet Utility reads and processes the data contained in the formatted e-mail message. Therefore, the second step may also be used independently as an automated import process from any computer program that can prepare and send data as a formatted e-mail message.

NOTE   On-line repair order entry is in beta testing and has not yet been officially released. This includes the receiving of new repair orders via e-mail. On-line repair order entry will be available only for licensed users of version 2.7 and higher and will be licensed as an add-on module.


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